A Pictorial Tracking of Basal Plane Dislocations in SiC Epitaxy


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The recently developed technique of UVPL imaging has been used to track the path of basal plane dislocations (BPDs) in SiC epitaxial layers. The glide of BPDs during epitaxial growth has been observed and the role of this glide in forming half-loop arrays has been examined. The ability to track the path of BPDs through the epitaxy has made it possible to develop a BPD reduction process for epitaxy grown on 8° offcut wafers, which uses an in situ growth interrupt and has achieved a BPD reduction of > 98%. The images also provide insight into the strong BPD reduction that typically occurs in epitaxy grown on 4° offcut wafers.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 645-648)

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Anton J. Bauer, Peter Friedrichs, Michael Krieger, Gerhard Pensl, Roland Rupp and Thomas Seyller




R. E. Stahlbush et al., "A Pictorial Tracking of Basal Plane Dislocations in SiC Epitaxy", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 645-648, pp. 271-276, 2010

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April 2010




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