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Authors: Erik G. Fuchs
Abstract:The Hungarian research group which dealt with some solidification problems have obtained a possibility to work out an space metallurgy...
Authors: J. Gyulai, I. Gyúró
Abstract:A brief historical overview of one of Hungary's space projects on Soviet spacecrafts, the so-called "Eötvös" Project on semiconductor crystal...
Authors: Fabienne Lemoisson, S. Mc Fadden, Marek Rebow, David J. Browne, Ludo Froyen, D. Voss, David John Jarvis, A.V. Kartavykh, S. Rex, W. Herfs, D. Groethe, Juraj Lapin, Olga Budenkova, J. Etay, Yves Fautrelle
Abstract:The authors are members of the integrated project Intermetallic Materials Processing in Relation to Earth and Space Solidification (IMPRESS),...
Authors: Viktor Bánhidi, Tamas J. Szabo
Abstract:In the frame of an international cooperation a 4 year long project was executed to determine thermal conductivity in metallic melts. During...
Authors: A.V. Kartavykh, V.P. Ginkin
Abstract:A brief review is given of the results obtained and published in 2003–2007 by IChPM and IPPE during their joint study and modeling of Ge:Ga,...
Authors: R.V.S. Prasad, G. Phanikumar
Abstract:Microstructure of rapidly solidified Ni2MnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy has been investigated experimentally by melt-spinning...
Authors: Livio Battezzati, Erik Johnson, Nini Pryds, Andrea Penna, Stefano Curiotto
Abstract:Alloys displaying positive enthalpy of mixing demix below a critical temperature. In Co-Cu and related ternaries the miscibility gap is...
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