Solidification and Gravity V

Volume 649

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J.R. Gao, G. Luo, X.H. Luo

Abstract: Phase selection in undercooled melts of Cu-14.8Ge and Cu-18Ge compositions was investigated using the electromagnetic levitation technique...

Authors: Markus Rettenmayr

Abstract: Melting and solidification are both phase transformations involving a liquid and a solid phase. In a simplifying procedure melting could be...

Authors: Zoltán Kálazi, Viktória Janó, Gábor Buza

Abstract: Tungsten (W) based alloy composite layer reinforced with TiC particles has been successfully prepared on unalloyed steel sample by LMI...

Authors: J. Bhatt, B.S. Murty

Abstract: This paper attempts to optimize the bulk metallic glass forming compositions using enthalpy of chemical mixing (DHchem) as thermodynamic,...

Authors: Dóra Janovszky, Mária Svéda, Kinga Tomolya, Jenő Sólyom, Norbert Hegman, András Roósz

Abstract: Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMGs) have been widely investigated due to their excellent physical and chemical properties [1]. The copper based BMG...

Authors: Viktória Rontó, E. Nagy, Mária Svéda, Ferenc Tranta, Norbert Hegman

Abstract: Master alloys with different compositions of the Cu-Hf-Ti alloy system were prepared by arc-melting. The pieces were then cast into a wedge-...

Authors: E. Nagy, Viktória Rontó, Jenő Sólyom, András Roósz

Abstract: Cu-Hf-Al alloys are considered to be relatively new ones among Cu-based bulk amorphous alloys. Cu-Hf-Al alloys have high strength in...

Authors: Kinga Tomolya, Dóra Janovszky, Mária Svéda, Norbert Hegman, András Roósz

Abstract: In this paper CuZrAl amorphous alloys with different Al content were prepared by centrifugal casting. The master alloy ingots were prepared...

Authors: Mária Svéda, Dóra Janovszky, Kinga Tomolya, Jenő Sólyom, Zoltán Kálazi, Gábor Buza, András Roósz

Abstract: The aim of our research was to comparatively examine Ni content surface layers on amorphisable Cu base alloy produced by different laser...

Authors: Enikő Bitay, Tünde Kovács

Abstract: In case of traditional surface-hardening processes (e.g. carburization), the wear resistance usually correlates with hardness, which means...


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