Solidification and Gravity V

Volume 649

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Grzegorz Boczkal, Borys Mikułowski, Waldemar Wołczyński

Abstract: Structures obtained during Zn-Cu-Ti single crystal growth by the Bridgman method were investigated. The alloys of composition...

Authors: W.W. Batista, R.J. Contieri, Eugênio José Zoqui, Maria Helena Robert, R. Caram

Abstract: This work investigates the viability of production of thixotropic semisolid Ti-Cu alloys by controlled partial melting. Samples were...

Authors: Waldemar Wołczyński, Borys Mikułowski, Grzegorz Boczkal

Abstract: . An improvement of the Brody & Flemings theory has been proposed to study not only the solute segregation but the solute redistribution...

Authors: Hideyuki Yasuda, S. Kato, T. Shinba, T. Nagira, M. Yoshiya, Akira Sugiyama, K. Umetani, Kentaro Uesugi

Abstract: Since the liquid / liquid separation occurs in hypermonotectic alloys and the liquid / liquid interface agitates mass transfer around...

Authors: Lorenz Ratke, Anja Müller, Martin Seifert, Galina Kapserovich

Abstract: Alloys of exact monotectic composition can decompose at the monotectic temperature into different two phase microstructures. The minority...

Authors: Dominic Phelan

Abstract: In-situ Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy observations are presented that assess the influence of undercooling before the initiation of the...

Authors: Paul L. Schaffer, Ragnvald H. Mathiesen, Lars Arnberg

Abstract: Hypermonotectic alloys are distinguished by a temperature region for which the homogeneous melt decomposes into two liquid phases. In...

Authors: J.P. Mogeritsch, Sven Eck, Monika Grasser, Andreas Ludwig

Abstract: Up to date very few organic substances have been reported that show a non-faceted/non-faceted (nf/nf) peritectic phase diagram in a...

Authors: Tie Liu, Qiang Wang, Zhong Ying Wang, Dong Gang Li, Ji Cheng He

Abstract: The microstructural changes of the primary Al3Ni phases in hypereutectic Al-Ni alloys solidified under various high magnetic field gradients...

Authors: Martin Selin, Daniel Holmgren, Ingvar L. Svensson

Abstract: Understanding how alloying elements and amounts affect the shape and size of graphite in compacted graphite cast irons could be of great...


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