Solidification and Gravity V

Volume 649

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gréta Gergely, Zoltán Gácsi

Abstract: One of the methods of melt-treatment of Al-Si alloys is the modification that plays a very significant role in the development of...

Authors: P.N. Andrade, A.A. Coelho, C.R.M. Afonso, R.J. Contieri, Maria Helena Robert, R. Caram

Abstract: The high cost of processing of Ti alloys is an important limitation to their utilization in a number of applications. An approach to...

Authors: Charles-André Gandin, J. Blaizot, Salem Mosbah, Michel Bellet, Gerhard Zimmermann, Laszlo Sturz, David J. Browne, Shaun McFadden, H. Jung, Bernard Billia, Nathalie Mangelinck-Noël, Henri Nguyen-Thi, Yves Fautrelle, Xiao Dong Wang

Abstract: Simulations of several laboratory experiments developed for the study of structure and segregation in casting are presented. Interaction...

Authors: J. Eiken

Abstract: A special feature of Mg solidification is the anisotropy of the hexagonal closed packed lattice, which under directional growth conditions...

Authors: Kosec Gregor, Božidar Šarler

Abstract: This paper for the first time explores the application of the meshless approach, structured on the Local Radial Basis Function Collocation...

Authors: Božidar Šarler, Gregor Kosec, Agnieszka Lorbicka, Robert Vertnik

Abstract: This paper describes an overview of a new meshless solution procedure for calculation of one-domain coupled macroscopic heat, mass, momentum...

Authors: Andriy A. Burbelko, Edward Fraś, Wojciech Kapturkiewicz, Daniel Gurgul

Abstract: Modelling was carried out to investigate the internal dendrite grains structure formation from a liquid two-component solution in the area...

Authors: A.V. Kartavykh, S. Ganina, Dieter Grothe, Fabienne Lemoisson, W. Herfs

Abstract: The problem of numerical modeling of directional solidification of TiAl refractory intermetallics aboard the MAXUS 8 sounding rocket is...

Authors: Abdellah Kharicha, Wolfgang Schützenhöfer, Andreas Ludwig, Gerhard Reiter

Abstract: The Electro-Slag-Remelting (ESR) is an advanced technology for the production of components of e.g. high quality steels. In the present...

Authors: Salem Mosbah, Michel Bellet, Charles-André Gandin

Abstract: The coupled two dimensional (2D) Cellular Automaton (CA) Finite Element (FE) model has been extended based on the recent work by Guillemot...


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