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Authors: Marek Rebow, David J. Browne, Yves Fautrelle
Abstract:A three-step combined analytical and numerical approach to thermal modelling of a two-heater power-down furnace for controlled directional...
Authors: Gerhard Zimmermann, Viktor T. Vitusevych, Laszlo Sturz
Abstract:The objective of this paper is the experimental investigation of the microstructure in Al-6wt%Si-4wt%Cu alloy, directionally solidified...
Authors: Jenő Kovács, Arnold Rónaföldi, András Roósz
Abstract:The topic of this paper is the unidirectional solidification of ternary Al7Si0.6Mg aluminium alloy in a rotating magnetic field of 30 -150...
Authors: Olga Budenkova, Anne Noeppel, Jenő Kovács, Arnold Rónaföldi, András Roósz, Anne Marie Bianchi, Florin Baltaretu, Mabel Medina, Yves Fautrelle
Abstract:A numerical investigation of directional solidification of Al-7wt.%Si alloy stirred by a rotating magnetic field is compared with...
Authors: Arnold Rónaföldi, Jenő Kovács, András Roósz
Abstract:The melt flow has a significant effect on the structure developing during the unidirectional solidification of alloys. This phenomenon can be...
Authors: Y.K. Zhang, Y.L. Zhou, J.R. Gao, J.C. He
Abstract:The glass fluxing technique was used to undercool melts of pure Cu and Ge in the presence of a static magnetic field generated by a...
Authors: Arne K. Dahle
Abstract:The nucleation dynamics and grain refinement during solidification are reviewed. Control of the nucleation of phases is an essential step in...
Authors: Katja Pranke, Klaus Eigenfeld
Abstract:We investigated the influence of varying amplitudes at constant frequency on the grain size and mechanical properties of magnesium alloy AZ...
Authors: Z. Fan, M. Xia, Y. Wang, S. Arumuganathar, Geoff M. Scamans
Abstract:Intensive shearing was applied to AZ91D Mg-alloy melts at temperatures above its liquidus (600oC) by using a twin-screw mechanism. The...
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