Solidification and Gravity V

Volume 649

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Torbjörn Carlberg

Abstract: The formation of polyhedral silicon crystals in aluminium 7-9% silicon alloys has been studied both in industrial ingots and in simulation...

Authors: Z. Fan, M. Xia, Zan Bian, I. Bayandorian, L. Cao, H. Li, Geoff M. Scamans

Abstract: MCAST (melt conditioning by advanced shear technology) is a novel processing technology developed recently for conditioning liquid metal...

Authors: Hisao Esaka, Jun-Nichi Hiramoto, Shota Miyahara, Kei Shinozuka

Abstract: Horizontal centrifugal casting is widely used for production of water pipes, rolls and so on. Advantage of this process is to press molten...

Authors: Adeline Buffet, Henri Nguyen-Thi, Aziz Bogno, Thomas Schenk, Nathalie Mangelinck-Noël, Guillaume Reinhart, Nathalie Bergeon, Bernard Billia, J. Baruchel

Abstract: In the present study, we report on an image analysis procedure, which enables to extract from synchrotron radiographs the long range solute...

Authors: Arne K. Dahle, Michel Suéry

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the rheological behavior of aluminum alloys during solidification and the modeling aspects of this behavior....

Authors: H.J. Jung, Nathalie Mangelinck-Noël, Henri Nguyen-Thi, Nathalie Bergeon, Bernard Billia, Adeline Buffet, J. Baruchel

Abstract: The columnar to equiaxed transition (CET) has been widely studied for many years [1] because this phenomenon is observed in metallurgical...

Authors: Laszlo Könözsy, Anton Ishmurzin, Monika Grasser, Meng Huai Wu, Andreas Ludwig, Robert Tanzer, Wolfgang Schützenhöfer

Abstract: The present paper deals with the formation of macrosegregation in a benchmark ingot using (Fe-C-Cr) ternary alloy composition. The numerical...

Authors: Wajira Mirihanage, Shaun McFadden, David J. Browne

Abstract: A macroscopic model of Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition (CET) formation is presented. The growth of a columnar zone and an equiaxed zone are...

Authors: Shaun McFadden, David J. Browne, Laszlo Sturz, Gerhard Zimmermann

Abstract: This paper studies the Columnar to Equiaxed Transition (CET) in an Al-7wt%Si binary alloy with and without Al-Ti-B grain refiner. A...

Authors: Laszlo Könözsy, Mihaela Stefan Kharicha, Sven Eck, Meng Huai Wu, Andreas Ludwig

Abstract: This paper deals with the validation of a volume averaged multiphase solidification model based on a benchmark experiment using NH4Cl-H2O as...


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