Solidification and Gravity V

Volume 649

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Agnieszka Zuzanna Lorbiecka, Božidar Šarler

Abstract: A two dimensional model was developed to predict the grain structure (Equiaxed to Columnar Transformation (ECT) and Columnar to Equiaxed...

Authors: Els Nagels, Ludo Froyen

Abstract: In this work the transition from columnar to equiaxed growth is studied during the solidification of the univariant eutectic L=> α(Al) +...

Authors: Kota Kadoi, Norbert Babcsán, Hideo Nakae

Abstract: The aim of this work is to elucidate the role and contribution of oxide particles to aluminum foam fabrication. The melts were internally...

Authors: Béla M. Somosvári, Pál Bárczy, Péter Szirovicza, János Szőke, Tamás Bárczy

Abstract: Foaming experiments in order to understand the evolution of the foam structure blown in different directions and levels of gravity have been...

Authors: R.G. Erdmann, D.R. Poirier, A.G. Hendrick

Abstract: When modeled at macroscopic length scales, the complex dendritic network in the solid-plus-liquid region of a solidifying alloy (the “mushy...

Authors: Galina Kasperovich, Sonja Steinbach, Lorenz Ratke

Abstract: Gradient annealing experiments of a near-eutectic AlCu30 alloy with artificial stirring induced by a rotating magnetic field (RMF) of 6 mT...

Authors: Y.K. Kim, Rong Shan Qin

Abstract: Traditional casting usually solidifies one homogeneous liquid by removing heat from liquid surface, by which the microstructure solely...

Authors: A.A. Howe

Abstract: Simplified models of micro-segregation are in common use in academia and industry. An issue regarding the accuracy of these approaches is...

Authors: Ayşe Berkdemir, Mehmet Gündüz

Abstract: Al-rich Al-Cu-Mg alloys have wide range of applications for automotive and aerospace where the control of the original solidification...

Authors: Dániel Molnár, Jenő Dúl

Abstract: The real system under consideration comprises of a solidifying casting with the casting mould, environment and other external influences....


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