Solidification and Gravity V

Volume 649

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sorin Ion Munteanu, Ioan Ciobanu, Aurel Crişan, M. Masnita

Abstract: There are presented the results of an experimental research developed by authors referring to „U” section bars solidification. The U bars...

Authors: Lennart Elmquist, Attila Diószegi

Abstract: In this work the meaning of a migrating hot spot during solidification will be discussed. Initially, just after mould filling, global as...

Authors: György Fegyverneki

Abstract: The requirements are getting higher and higher at the vehicle industry area first of all at cylinderhead casting. The customers would like...

Authors: Béla Török, Árpád Kovács

Abstract: In the last few years iron slag finds from the Late Avar Period (7-9th cent.), the Period of Hungarian conquest (10th cent.) and the Árpáds...

Authors: Mihály Réger, Heli Kytönen, Balázs Verő, Árpád Szélig

Abstract: Industrial data set with 400 CC (continuous casting) steel slabs were analysed by a statistical method for revealing the real connections...

Authors: Gabor Leranth

Abstract: Since cast parts are used by the mankind -and the casting method should be one of the oldest metal forming technologies- the foundrymen...

Authors: Jenő Dúl, Richárd Szabó, Attila Simcsák

Abstract: Quality of high pressure die castings is influenced by a lot of factors. Among them, the most important ones are the melt-, and die...

Authors: Axel Griesche, Bo Zhang, Jürgen Horbach, Andreas Meyer

Abstract: A novel X-ray radiography method is used to measure chemical diffusion in a long-capillary in liquid Al95Ni5 at.-%. Molecular dynamics...

Authors: Witold K. Krajewski, Józef Szczepan Suchy

Abstract: The presented work is aimed at determining thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and heat capacity of insulating sleeves used in Polish...

Authors: Ana Isabel Fernández-Calvo, Andrea Niklas, Jacques Lacaze

Abstract: Both thermal analysis (TA) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) have been used since long to evaluate latent heat release and solid...


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