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Authors: Bo Xue Sun, Zuo Ren Nie, Yu Liu, Zhi Hong Wang, Xian Zheng Gong
Abstract:The primary problem of eco-materials is how to judge whether a material is environmentally friendly or not, and the method of life cycle...
Authors: Zhi Jia Huang, Xiao Ding, Hao Sun, Si Yue Liu
Abstract:The amount of CO2 emissions from steelworks accounts for a great share of the total CO2 emissions from industry in China. Thus, reducing CO2...
Authors: S. Hu, T. Yang, F. Wang, J. Wang
Abstract:In order to essentially improve interfacial transition zone between cement paste and aggregate, the concept and ideal model of function...
Authors: Jian Xin Long, Yong Jun Chen
Abstract:Copper doped TiO2 nanoparticles were synthesized by hydrolysis of tetrabutyl titanate (Ti(OBu)4) and copper nitrate (Cu(NO3)2) in...
Authors: Ping Lu, Wei Bo Huang, Hui Shi, Li Zhu
Abstract:In this paper both the NaCl immersion and the co-action of load and NaCl solution immersion were employed to analyze the wet adhesive...
Authors: Ping Lu, Wei Bo Huang, Hui Shi, Li Zhu
Abstract:In this paper the effect of curing temperature on the morphology and properties of PAE based polyureas were evaluated using FTIR, AFM and...
Authors: Li Guo, Tang Chen, Jun Hong, Ling Qiao, Xiao Ming Guo
Abstract:A new robust numerical technique was proposed for analyzing chloride transient diffusion in concrete with non-homogenous coefficient. The...
Authors: Jin Long Pan, Jia Jia Zhou, Zong Jin Li, Christopher K.Y. Leung
Abstract:In this paper, a novel constitutive model of concrete has been proposed by introducing a new parameter, namely, cracking Poisson’s ratio...
Authors: Jun Hong, Li Guo, Ling Qiao, Xiao Ming Guo
Abstract:Since meso-structure of plain concrete can not be observed directly, numerical simulation is the main approach to obtain the model coincident...
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