Energy and Environment Materials

Volume 650

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Qiao, Li Guo, Jun Hong, Xiao Ming Guo

Abstract: The complex behavior of concrete is largely related to the mechanical response of calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) gel. During the past two...

Authors: Yi Ning Ding, Yue Hua Wang, Yu Lin Zhang

Abstract: The effect of different fibres on the residual load-bearing capacity and the failure pattern of high-performance self consolidating concrete...

Authors: Yan Fu Yan, Guo Xin Wang, Ke Xing Song, Kuai Le Zhao

Abstract: Particle-enhanced is the way to improve properties of solder alloys. In the present work, the influence of Ag particle-enhanced on the...

Authors: Yan Bing Zhang, Ting Zhang, Xian Li Yang, Wen Tao Zhang, Xiao Jing Wang

Abstract: A new charge-transfer coordination compound [(C5S5H3CH2O)4Ni](FeCp2)0.84 was synthesized in this work. The molecular formula of the...

Authors: Ke Ke Zhang, Yao Li Wang, Yan Li Fan, Guo Ji Zhao, Yan Fu Yan, Xin Zhang

Abstract: The effects of Ni on the properties of the Sn-2.5Ag-0.7Cu-0.1Re solder alloy and its creep properties of solder joints are researched. The...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhang, Ying Hui Wei, Wen Xian Wang

Abstract: Si3N4 ceramic surface was metallized using multi-ionic composite coating technology. The obtained Cu-Ni-Ti composite coating was examined...

Authors: Yu Hua Feng, Tie Zheng Pan, Xiang Qian Shen, Hao Jie Song, Li Ping Guo

Abstract: Piezoelectric ceramics with appropriate curie temperatures and high dielectric and piezoelectric performances are attractive for formations...

Authors: Chun Yan Shi, Ying Kui Guo, Shu Jin Zhao, Chun Mei Song

Abstract: Al2O3 Toughened by SiC particles was hot-press sintered. Cracks of ~300μm in diameter were introduced in the surfaces of specimens, which...

Authors: Jian Yong Lou, Ji Ping Wang, Yi Tong Chen, Lin Gao

Abstract: The novel soft magnetic materials and magnetic core structure used in planar transformer have been studied. The frequency, electrical and...

Authors: Yun Long Zhang, Yu Min Zhang, Jie Cai Han

Abstract: In this paper, micrometers long and 20–100nm diameter SiC nanowires had been synthesized in the Cw/SiC composites by annealing treatment....


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