Energy and Environment Materials

Volume 650

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Q.J. Yu, Wen Ru Sun, M. Cai, X.J. Wu, Shou Ren Guo, H.C. Yang, Z.Q. Hu

Abstract: The hot deformation behavior and microstructure of rolled Inconel 625 alloy have been studied from 930°C to 1180°C, and at strain rate from...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Song, Xiu Yan Li, Fu Xing Yin, De Hai Ping, Li Jian Rong, Yi Yi Li

Abstract: Tempering temperature dependence of the amount of the reversed austenite in the range of 570 oC to 680 oC was investigated by means of X-ray...

Authors: Hui Ran Cui, Feng Sun, Lan Ting Zhang, Ai Dang Shan, Jian Sheng Wu

Abstract: 12Cr heat resistant steels with different concentration of Co and W, while Mo equivalent (Mo+1/2W) was fixed at 1.6, were prepared by...

Authors: Ming Li, Jin Xia Song, Shu Suo Li, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: The effect of long-term aging at 1070°C on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni3Al-base equiaxed superalloy IC6E was investigated....

Authors: Di He, Shu Suo Li, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: MCrAlY coatings were deposited on Ni-based IC6 superalloy by HVOF(high velocity oxy-fuel), and the ZrO2 coatings were prepared using plasma...

Authors: Li Wu Jiang, Shu Suo Li, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: Ni3Al based single crystal alloy IC6SX was prepared by election spiral crystal method. The effect of the conical transition section of the...

Authors: Xiao Li Li, Yang Min Liang, Wen Jun Kang, Huan Xi Li, Zhao Li Ma

Abstract: The cracking sensitivity of weldments in electron beam welded (EBW) Rene 41 with Incoloy 907 superalloy was studied under various welding...

Authors: Xian Ming Chen, Cheng Ping Luo, Jiang Wen Liu

Abstract: This article concerned with the formation mechanism of the micro-arc oxidization(MAO) coating on magnesium alloys. The micro-arc oxidation...

Authors: Shan Gao, Jing Feng Wang, Pei Dao Ding, Fu Sheng Pan, Ai Tao Tang

Abstract: Cycle capacities of Amorphous Mg-Ni alloys declined so fast therefore they can’t be used practically. In this paper,the influence of adding...

Authors: Tao Peng, Qu Dong Wang

Abstract: An appropriate hot compaction technology is applied not only to obtain high-density blocks from chips, but to consume relatively low energy....


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