Energy and Environment Materials

Volume 650

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su Qin Luo, Ai Tao Tang, Fu Sheng Pan, Yi Chen, Zhong Xue Feng

Abstract: Calculated phase diagram reveals important phase details for a new type muti-component magnesium alloy. Isothermal sections at 25°C of...

Authors: Xiao Ping Li, Zhou Xu, Yun Yu

Abstract: A novel Mg-based composites (Al63Cu25Fe12)p /AZ91 was prepared by pressure die casting protected by CO2/SF6 condition. The–200mesh...

Authors: Da Li Cao, Ji Kun Wang, Si Chen Guo, Qin Hong Fang, Zhong Ning Shi

Abstract: The electrochemical formation of Al-Mg master alloys were investigated in NaCl-MgF2-MgO melt at 850°C. The results revealed that cell...

Authors: Rui Li, Jia Cheng Gao, Ke Fan

Abstract: In this paper, alloys with compositions of Mgx(MnAlZnCu)100-x (x: atomic percentage; x=20, 33, 43, 45.6 and 50 respectively) were designed...

Authors: Ya Zhang, Xue Hua Zhou, Zhong Ling Wei, Yuan Wei Huang

Abstract: Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) behaviors of Mg-7Al-0.3Mn alloy in 0.21M K2CrO4+0.6M NaCl solution and in air were studied using slow strain...

Authors: Mei Bao Chen, Fu Sheng Pan, Jing Feng Wang, Jian Peng, Ai Tao Tang

Abstract: The effects of yttrium addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded Mg-Zn-Y-Zr magnesium alloys were investigated by...

Authors: J.Y. Huang, Z.H. Ling, Guo Qing Wu

Abstract: To study the influence of particle’s characteristics on mechanical properties of the metal-matrix composites (MMCs), A two-dimensional...

Authors: Yi Ming Wang, Li Jing Zheng, Shu Jie Pang

Abstract: The effect of Al addition to Mg65Cu25Gd10 glassy alloy on the microstructure, thermal properties and mechanical properties were...

Authors: Liang Ming Yan, Jian Shen, Ju Peng Li, Zhou Bing Li, Zhen Lei Tang

Abstract: Compression tests were performed at temperatures from 350 to 450 °C with different strain rates of 1.0×10−2 and 1.0×10−1 s−1. The...

Authors: Yi Jie Zhao, Li Ma, Xiao Dong He

Abstract: By using electron beam physical vapor deposition (EB-PVD) technology, Ti-Al thin sheet with dimension of 450mm×450mm×0.2mm was prepared and...


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