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Authors: Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Jacek Tarasiuk, Alain Lodini
Abstract:The genetic algorithm method was used in the present work as an alternative to classical calculation methods. It can be used in the...
Authors: Kenji Suzuki, Takahisa Shobu
Abstract:Material of the specimen was austenitic stainless steel (SUS316L). The specimens were given tensile plastic strains from 0% to 55%. The...
Authors: M.O. Acar, P. John Bouchard, Joao Quinta da Fonseca, Michael E. Fitzpatrick, S. Gungor
Abstract:Neutron diffraction has been used to investigate the weld residual stresses and the intergranular residual strains in butt-welded 316H pipes....
Authors: Suraiya Zabeen, Michael Preuss, Philip J. Withers, Sven Spanrad, Jie Tong, John Schofield
Abstract:The current study investigates the effect of foreign object damage (FOD) on the pre-existing compressive residual stress field associated...
Authors: M.K. Khan, Michael E. Fitzpatrick, L.E. Edwards, S.V. Hainsworth
Abstract:The residual strain field around the scratches of 125µm depth and 5µm root radius have been measured from the Synchrotron X-ray diffraction....
Authors: Yoshihisa Sakaida, Takanori Serizawa, M. Kawauchi, M. Manzanka
Abstract:A motorcycle transmission gear of chromium-molybdenum steel with 0.2%C was carburized in carrier gas. Carburizing process including heating,...
Authors: Jeremy Epp, Thomas Hirsch, Martin Hunkel, Robert C. Wimpory
Abstract:The present work has been executed within the framework of the collaborative research center on Distortion Engineering (SFB 570) in order to...
Authors: Abdeljalil Nady, Herve Bonnefoy, Vincent Klosek, Marie Helene Mathon, Alain Lodini
Abstract:The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of Heat Affected Zone produced by Plasma Transferred Arc process and residual...
Authors: Vladimir Luzin, Jiří Matějíček, Thomas Gnäupel-Herold
Abstract:A range of different spraying techniques can be used to coat the surfaces of engineering components. These techniques are based on different...
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