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  | Authors: A. Fabrizi, Marcello Cabibbo, R. Cecchini, S. Spigarelli, C. Paternoster, Marie Haidopoulo, P.V. Kiryukhantsev-Korneev
Abstract:This paper is a review of the thermal stability of nanostructured nitride coatings synthesised by reactive magnetron sputtering technique. In...
Authors: Karuna Kar Nanda
Abstract:Understanding of the melting temperature of nanostructures is beneficial to exploit phase transitions and their applications at elevated...
Authors: Francesco Delogu
Abstract:The present chapter deals with the characterization and description of phase transitions in metallic systems with characteristic size down to...
  | Authors: Toshihiro Tanaka
Abstract:The authors have evaluated the surface properties as well as phase diagrams of alloys on the basis of thermodynamic databases. Extending...
Authors: Djamila Hourlier, Pierre Perrot
Abstract:A thermodynamic study describing relative stability of different systems solid and liquid at equilibrium involved in the growth of...
Authors: Ankur Gupta, Samir Sharma, Milind R. Joshi, Parnika Agarwal, Kantesh Balani
Abstract:Emergence of engineering nanomaterials to render exceptional properties require understanding the thermodynamics and kinetics of grain growth...
Authors: Rakesh Shukla, A.K. Tyagi
Abstract:Synthesis plays an important role in the phase stabilization of unusual compounds. Of late, preparation of metastable compounds has gained a...
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