Work-Softening, High Pressure Phase Formation and Powder Consolidation by HPT


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Among the various severe plastic deformation (SPD) processes, high pressure torsion (HPT) has several unique characteristics. These are applicability of very large strain and deformation under high pressure. Due to these abilities of HPT, several unique phenomena have been observed. In the present paper, three topics were reviewed; 1) work-softening in pure Cu, 2) high pressure phase formation in pure Ti and 3) synthesis of Cu-NbC composite. Work softening in pure Cu was observed when low strain rate and high pressure were applied. In Ti high pressure ω phase is obtained after unloading only when the deformation at high pressure was applied. The volume fraction of ω phase increased with the increase in the amount of strain. In pure Fe, high pressure ε phase was not retained at ambient pressure. The bulk Cu-NbC composite was synthesized starting from elemental powders. This demonstrates that HPT is an efficient tool for mechanical alloying and cold consolidation.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 654-656)

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Jian-Feng Nie and Allan Morton




M. Umemoto et al., "Work-Softening, High Pressure Phase Formation and Powder Consolidation by HPT", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 654-656, pp. 1205-1210, 2010

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June 2010


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