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Authors: Akinobu Shibata, Shigekazu Morito, Tadashi Furuhara, Tadashi Maki
Abstract:This study investigated the substructure evolution in lenticular martensite. The substructure of lenticular martensite changes from fine...
Authors: Tadashi Furuhara, Hayato Saito, Goro Miyamoto, Tadashi Maki
Abstract:Orientation relationships of proeutectoid ferrite formed at an austenite grain boundary with respect to adjacent austenite grains were...
Authors: Setsuo Takaki
Abstract:Yielding of polycrystalline low carbon steel is characterized by a clear yield point followed by unstable Lüders deformation and such a...
Authors: Rian J. Dippenaar
Abstract:The automotive industry is increasingly utilizing advanced high-strength steels, primarily to reduce the mass of motor vehicles. However,...
Authors: Michael K. Miller, David T. Hoelzer, Kaye F. Russell
Abstract:The high temperature and irradiation response of a new class of nanostructured ferritic alloys have been investigated by atom probe...
Authors: Wen Quan Cao, Cun Yu Wang, Jie Shi, Han Dong
Abstract:In this study Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) as proposed by Speer was applied to improve the ductility of C-Mn high strength Low Alloy...
Authors: Timothy D. Bigg, David Edmonds
Abstract:The novel non-equilibrium heat treatment procedure known as Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) may offer the prospect of higher strength steel...
Authors: Ying Wang, Shu Zhou, Zheng Hong Guo, Yong Hua Rong
Abstract:According to the design principle of microstructures for high strength steel and a new quenching-partitioning-tempering (Q-P-T) process...
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