A Review of Dye Incorporated Conducting Polymers Application as Sensors and in Solar Cells


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Dye doped polymers (DCPs) has a wide application based on their optical and electrochemical properties. Dye sensitisation of conducting polymeric materials has gained a wide theoretical interest and practical application in sensors and solar cell technology. This review gives a broad summary on synthesis, the effect of the presence of dye in the polymer (properties, structure and conductivity), application in sensors and dye sensitised solar cells. Different sensing modes are also discussed as well as the effects of post polymer modification with dyes in sensors. In solar cells, the role of DCPs in light harvesting is summarised using examples. Finally, perspectives and the advantages of dye modification or sensitisation of polymers in sensors and solar cells are included.



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Amir Al-Ahmed




M. Matoetoe, "A Review of Dye Incorporated Conducting Polymers Application as Sensors and in Solar Cells", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 657, pp. 208-230, 2010

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July 2010





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