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Authors: Lin Bo Li, Juan Qin Xue, Tao Hong, Miao Wang, Jun Yang
Abstract:The atomic oxygen oxidant—Peroxy-monosulfuric acid was prepared by the method of electrolysis under the condition of with and without...
Authors: Jong Oh Kim, Jin Woo Lee
Abstract:This study focused on the adsorption characteristics of hazardous heavy metals using reactive inorganic agents in synthetic wastewater. Basic...
  | Authors: Guo Bin Zheng, Hideaki Sano, Yasuo Uchiyama
Abstract:Spherical carbon nanoparticles were synthesized by sol-gel polymerization of resorcinol and formaldehyde in the presence of...
Authors: Ya Ran Niu, De Yang Hu, Heng Ji, Xue Bin Zheng
Abstract:Tungsten is one of the most promising candidates for the plasma facing materials (PFM) in fusion experiment devices. In this study, tungsten...
Authors: Jae Yong Jung, Kwan Ho Park, Soon Chul Ur, Il Ho Kim
Abstract:In-filled CoSb3 skutterudites (InzCo4Sb12) were prepared and the filling effects on the thermoelectric and transport properties were...
Authors: Kwan Ho Park, Jae Yong Jung, Jung Il Lee, Kyung Wook Jang, Whan Gi Kim, Il Ho Kim
Abstract:Sn-doped CoSb3 skutterudites were prepared by encapsulated induction melting and their electronic transport properties were examined. The Sn...
Authors: Supawan Vichaphund, Duangduen Atong
Abstract:In our previous studies, 10-40wt%Ni/Al2O3 membrane was prepared by uniaxial pressing and sintered at 900 to 1400°C for 2 h. It was found that...
Authors: Kanit Soongprasit, Duangdao Aht-Ong, Viboon Sricharoenchaikul, Duangduen Atong
Abstract:. La1-xCexCoO3 (x=0, 0.2, and 0.4) perovskite-type mixed oxides using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as complexing agent at two molar ratio of metal...
Authors: Il Ho Kim, Joon Chul Kwon, Young Geun Lee, Man Soon Yoon, Sung Lim Ryu, Whan Gi Kim, Soon Chul Ur
Abstract:Recent search for novel thermoelectric materials has revealed a new class of compounds with half-Heusler structure as good candidates for...
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