Eco-Materials Processing and Design XI

Volume 658

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ryosuke Nakanishi, Keiichi Inukai, Masaki Maeda, Masaya Suzuki, Yutaka Tai

Abstract: . Preferential oxidation (PROX) of CO in the presence of H2 is an important reaction to maintain stable operation of polymer electrolyte...

Authors: Dong Wan Seo, Young Don Lim, Soon Ho Lee, Tae Whan Hong, Soon Chul Ur, Il Ho Kim, Whan Gi Kim

Abstract: Poly(ether ketone)s (PEK) containing 25-75 mol % valeric acid were prepared with bisphenol A, 4,4-dichlorobenzophenone and...

Authors: Xiao Qing Luo, Xiao Yan Lin, Xue Gang Luo, An Kai Luo, Xuan Liang

Abstract: This paper reports the feasibility of using rice husk to remove Ag+ from synthetic wastewater. Effect of various adsorption parameters,...

Authors: Wen Kun Zhu, Xue Gang Luo, An Kai Luo, Xuan Liang

Abstract: Calcium carbonate with various structures and morphologies were prepared under double injection of the CaCl2 and Na2CO3 solutions with molar...

Authors: Zai Fang Deng, Xue Gang Luo, Xiao Yan Lin

Abstract: The performance of low-cost adsorbent such as rice husk fixed bed column in removing copper from aqueous solution were studied in this work....

Authors: Jae Yun Lee, Moon Kyu Lee, Jae Geun Oh, Kwang Soo Kim

Abstract: Many researchers have studied the harvesting from discarded energy such as solar energy, wind and vibration because of the exhaustion of...

Authors: Zhen Yan Deng, Li Li Zhu, Wei Zhuo Gai, José Maria F. Ferreira

Abstract: TiO2 films were prepared by infiltrating a titanium (IV) butoxide solution to the porous structures of glass and rutile TiO2, respectively,...

Authors: Jang Soon Kim, Ok Hyoung Lee, Yun Soo Lim

Abstract: Polyurethanes crystallized at the aluminum surface, but the crystalline interphase varied with polyol OH number. Early stage of spherulite...

Authors: Jun Zhu, Xin Li, Man Bo Liu, Ying Zhai

Abstract: Alloy anode materials play an important role in zinc electrowinning process. Many kind of alloys can be used as anode materials, the...

Authors: Yotwadee Hawangchu, Duangduen Atong, Viboon Sricharoenchaikul

Abstract: Glycerol waste is by-product from the manufacturing of biodiesel by transesterification method containing impurities such as fatty acid,...


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