Eco-Materials Processing and Design XI

Volume 658

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sung Hun Cho, Zheng Yi Fu, Koichi Niihara, S. Obregon-Alfaro, Soo Wohn Lee

Abstract: Nano-technology is a super microscopic technology to deal with the structures of 100 nm or smaller. This technology also involves the...

Authors: Feng Li, Ying Cheng Hu

Abstract: Wood is one kind of natural renewable eco-material. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product made from veneers glued...

Authors: Hye Cheol Oh, Seog Ku Kim, Sung Won Kang, Sang Leen Yun, Jae Hwan Ahn

Abstract: The cost for nonpoint source in urban area tends to increase as it's distanced farther from the pollution source. Thus it's more effective...

Authors: Z. X. Yang, Kyu Hong Hwang, M.C. Kim, J.Y. Yang, S.K. Lim

Abstract: As a relatively new material, geopolymer concrete offers benefits as a construction material for sustainable development. It utilizes waste...

Authors: Yeong Seok Yoo, Ho Jun Chae, Hyo Jin Ban, Eun Zoo Park

Abstract: Natural soil would be used for planting on paved area ground, but it had been replaced by the light weighted artificial soil to minimize...

Authors: Soo Ryong Kim, Woo Teck Kwon, Byung Ik Kim, Y. Kim, Sang Wook Ha

Abstract: The effectiveness of bottom ash on the mechanical and physical properties of lightweight cement mortar for fire proofing application is...

Authors: Sea Cheon Oh, Y. Kim, Soo Ryong Kim

Abstract: In this work, the decomposition characteristics of wood using supercritical methanol have been studied. The kinetic analysis was carried out...

Authors: Hideaki Sano, Guo Bin Zheng, Yasuo Uchiyama

Abstract: B4C and SiC particle-dispersed carbon composite were fabricated from calcined pitch coke, B4C and SiC with various particle size by grinding...

Authors: Hoon Cho

Abstract: In order to fabricate an aluminum grain refiners such as AlTiB and AlTiC, environmentally damaging fluoride-containing fumes induces an...

Authors: Seog Ku Kim, Hye Cheol Oh, Sung Won Kang, Sang Leen Yun, Jae Hwan Ahn

Abstract: In this study, to effectively control urban non point source pollution, natural and artificial materials which were processed in various...


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