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Authors: Gabor Balogh, Tibor Czigány
Abstract:Composite sheets were made of cyclic butylene terephthalate as matrix and carbon fibers as reinforcing material.Hot press method was used at...
Authors: Fábián Enikő-Réka
Abstract:The cold rolling effect on the hydrogen permeability (TH value) and on the microstructure have been studied on samples prepared from...
Authors: Viktor Gonda, Zsolt Csepeli, Ibolya Kardos, Balázs Verő, József Csizmadia
Abstract:Along the metallurgical length at continuous casting, the temperature within the strand ranges from above melt temperature (>1500) to about...
  | Authors: László A. Gömze
Abstract:During the fine comminution of clay minerals and layered silicate materials with relative large volume of specific surface area appreciable...
Authors: Zoltán Kiss, Ákos Kmetty, Tamás Bárány
Abstract:In the present work the weldability of self-reinforced composite was investigated. As reinforcement a fabric, woven from highly stretched...
Authors: Támas Korim
Abstract:Solid solutions formed within the Al2O3-TiO2-Fe2O3 (Fe2xAl2(1-x)TiO5) system upon heat treatment were investigated by adjusting the...
Authors: Ferenc Kristály, László A. Gömze, István Papp
Abstract:Vegetal materials are generated in high amounts and are applied as additives in clay bricks since ancient times. They have a certain heat...
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