3D Milling by Micro Electrical Discharge Machining


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One of the most important tasks of the manufacturing engineering of our accelerated world is giving suitable answer to the ever growing demand on miniaturization arising on every field of the industry. Our institute has been carried out theoretical and experimental research work on micro machining since 10 years. Micro machining can be defined as formation of structures smaller than 1 mm. Our previous research activity focused primarily on micro milling process carried out by carbide end mill. Milling offers the most various machining method among the chip removal processes. Investigation of formation of micro structures by electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a perfect continuance of the research work. A process similar to micro milling can be realized by the lateral moving of the miniature cylindrical electrode of an EDM machine, just the physical principle of material removing is different. This paper introduces the latest results of our research work, including



Edited by:

P. J. Szabó and T. Berecz






B. Z. Farkas and M. Takács, "3D Milling by Micro Electrical Discharge Machining", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 659, pp. 467-470, 2010

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September 2010




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