Materials Science, Testing and Informatics V

Volume 659

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: László A. Gömze, Ludmila N. Gömze

Abstract: A novel approach to obtain ceramic matrix composites with extreme high mechanical wear and thermal shock resistance abilities is presented....

Authors: Jenő Gubicza, Nguyen Q. Chinh, János L. Lábár, Zoltán Hegedűs, Terence G. Langdon

Abstract: The evolution of the microstructure during processing by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) in silver having extremely low stacking...

Authors: Imre Kientzl, János Dobránszky, Árpád Németh

Abstract: Nowadays the development of composite materials has increasing importance. In this study Nextel 440 type alumina fibre reinforced aluminium...

Authors: Norbert Krisztián Kovács, József Gábor Kovács

Abstract: Rapid prototyping (RP) has changed the method of product design and manufacturing. With the help of RP technologies a physical model can be...

Authors: Tünde Kovács

Abstract: Thin films are increasingly used to improve the wear resistance of structural materials. The increased number and diversity of thin film...

Authors: István László

Abstract: Third neighbor analytic tight-binding formulae were obtained for graphene sheets and nanotubes. After fitting the corresponding of-diagonal...

Authors: Mária Mara, Ágnes Csanády, Gyula Tolnai, Péter Németh, Imre Bertóti, István E. Sajó, Katalin Papp, Hajnalka Hargitai

Abstract: In this work, novel types of colored, organic and water based paints have been developed. These paints can be produced less expensively and...

Authors: György Meszlényi, János Dobránszky, Zolt Puskás

Abstract: This paper examines pulsed Nd:YAG laser cutting edge quality of 0,4 mm thin AISI 304L austenitic stainless steel sheets. We analyze the...

Authors: Áron Kázmér Nagy, Judit Pfeifer, István Endre Lukács, Attila Lajos Tóth, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: The excellent gas sensing properties of the tungsten oxides have been manifested first of all in nanostructure and 1D, and 2D open...

Authors: Tareg S. Ben Naser, Andras Ree

Abstract: In this work severe plastic deformation (SPD) technique was applied to produce bulk nanostructure material. The ECAP has been used on 6082...


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