Materials Science, Testing and Informatics V

Volume 659

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Imre Norbert Orbulov, Árpád Németh

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composite blocks and a pipe (as semi-product) were produced by pressure infiltration technique. In...

Authors: Judit Pfeifer, György Sáfrán, Ferenc Wéber, Valéria Zsigmond, Orsolya Koszor, Péter Arató, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: Tribology tests were conducted on silicon nitride-based nanocomposites with various carbon additions to explore the effects of...

Authors: Ádám Révész, Laszlo Takacs

Abstract: Metallic plates were coated mechanically with powders by surface treatment in a SPEX 8000 Mixer Mill. Al disks were coated by harder Ni...

Authors: Beáta Robák, Péter Szabadíts, Eszter Bognár, Zsolt Puskás, Andrea Toldy

Abstract: The rate of restenosis can be decreased by the usage of drug eluting stents compared to bare metal stents. The aim of this work was the...

Authors: Arnold Rónaföldi, Jenő Kovács, András Roósz

Abstract: The effect of flow on the structure of solidified alloys can be investigated by the unidirectional solidification of alloys stirred with a...

Authors: Mihály Tóth, Gréta Gergely, István Endre Lukács, Ferenc Wéber, Attila Lajos Tóth, Levente Illés, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HAP) is the main inorganic component of mammal bone and teeth. It is one of the few bioactive materials, which helps cell...

Authors: Stefan I. Vallasek, Zsolt Veres, András Roósz, János Szőke, Péter Szirovicza, Pál Bárczy

Abstract: Thermoelectric (TE) semiconductor materials are widely used for miniaturized versatile cooling devices in a wide spectrum of equipments and...

Authors: Mátyás Andó, Gábor Kalácska, Tibor Czigány

Abstract: Due to the effect of graphite and montmorrilonit additives, the impact strenght slightly decreases, but by the influence of softening...

Authors: Tibor Berecz, Levente Balogh

Abstract: Surface rolling is a cold-working technology for hardening the surface of components made from steel or ductile cast iron. This process is...

Authors: Eszter Bognár, Tibor Balázs, György Ring, Barnabás Szabó, Péter Nagy

Abstract: This article introduces two original measurement methods (i.e. adhesive layer and pulloff edge) for the determination of the stent...


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