Materials Science, Testing and Informatics V

Volume 659

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Attila Bojtos, Antal Huba, Lena Zentner, Uwe Risto

Abstract: For the simulations of elastic constructions actuated by inner pressure we need for the definition of the material model parameters, the...

Authors: Éva Dénes, Attila Lajos Tóth, Fábián Enikő-Réka

Abstract: The effect of the boron in steels is widely known as an element enhancing hardenability, but its role can also be related to the...

Authors: Fábián Enikő-Réka, Péter János Szabó

Abstract: The susceptibility to fish-scale formation of cold rolled Al-killed low carbon enamel grade steel sheets is mainly determined by the...

Authors: Zoltán Gaál, Péter János Szabó, János Ginsztler, László Dévényi

Abstract: This paper deals with the investigation of grain boundary engineering processes in case of AISI 304 type austenitic stainless steel. The...

Authors: Zsuzsanna Koncsik, Maria Berkes Maros, László Kuzsella

Abstract: Pin-on-disc tribological tests were performed on Si3N4/SiC/graphite ceramic composites with 5N applied load, at room temperature in dry...

Authors: Kornél Májlinger, Péter János Szabó

Abstract: The environmental and polluting materials emission standards in Europe are going to be always stricter, so in order to keep up with them,...

Authors: István Mészáros

Abstract: In this work a new magnetometer setup and a novel model based data evaluation technique was used to determine the creep damage in ferritic...

Authors: Zsolt Puskás, Árpád I. Toldy, János Ginsztler

Abstract: In the development of modern drug eluting implants it is crucial to be able to measure the long term desorption processes which determine...

Authors: Péter Szabadíts, János Dobránszky

Abstract: Coronary stents are the most important materials in our days cardiology. Flexibility and trackability are two basic features of stents. In...

Authors: A. Szabó, Zoltán Weltsch, Antal Lovas

Abstract: For the study of stress state in engineering alloys, the thermopower (S) measurement could be acceptable method after a suitable calibration...


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