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Authors: Hubert Pollock
Abstract:Several of the authors of this collection of papers presented at the international meeting on the mechanical behaviour of materials have been...
  | Authors: L.M. Brown
Abstract:The flow of material out from under regions in compression must occur by the operation of many slip systems, which together produce...
Authors: Alan D. Roberts
Abstract:This review describes early work on rubber wiper blades and subsequent investigations. Observations on model wipers pressed against glass...
Authors: Keith Fuller
Abstract:The work presented started with the aim of trying to explain why clean smooth surfaces of materials such as metals brought gently into...
Authors: Feodor M. Borodich
Abstract:An overview of development of indentation techniques and connections between contact mechanics and methods of extracting mechanical...
Authors: Eric Le Bourhis
Abstract:Contact mechanics is widely used to explore the mechanical properties of brittle materials while it rules the mechanical performance of...
Authors: Sergey Dub, Igor Zasimchuk, Leonid Matvienko
Abstract:Mechanical properties of (001) Mo and (001) Mo – 1.5 at.% Ir single crystals have been studied by nanoindentation. It has been found that the...
Authors: M. Munawar Chaudhri
Abstract:High-speed framing photography in conjunction with circularly polarised light has been employed to monitor qualitatively the state of...
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