Effects of Vacancies on the Thermal Expansion of Mercury Indium Telluride Crystals


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The thermal expansion of a novel semiconductor material, mercury indium telluride (MIT) grown by vertical Bridgman (VB) method, was measured from room temperature till 573K by two methods, i.e. Macroscopic dilatometric and X-ray measurements. It is found that the macroscopic expansion is quite different from the expansion of the lattice (micro-expansion). The macroscopic expansion is lower than micro-expansion in the temperature range of 303-425.5K and has a minimum of -0.14% linear expansion, while the macro-expansion becomes larger than micro-expansion in the temperature higher than 425.5K. The former may be due to the effects of the existing neutral vacancies. The latter may result from the influence of thermal-activated vacancies on the lattice.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 663-665)

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Yuan Ming Huang




L. H. Wang, "Effects of Vacancies on the Thermal Expansion of Mercury Indium Telluride Crystals", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 663-665, pp. 1008-1011, 2011

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November 2010





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