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Authors: Anna Rubaszek
Abstract:First principle calculations of the electron and positron band structures are performed for the SiC polytype of the 3C cubic structure. The...
Authors: Edward Boroński
Abstract:We present an approach taking into account the effect of electron-electron (e-e) correlations on electron-positron (e-p) momentum density...
Authors: Jerzy Dryzek, Paweł Horodek
Abstract:The results of the Monte Carlo simulation, using GEANT4 codes, of the slowing-down time prior to the thermalization in metals for positrons...
Authors: Dušan Račko
Abstract:In the Present Contribution the Atomistic Structure of the Polymer Melt at 300 K Is Simulated by Means of Molecular Dynamics. the Agreement...
Authors: D.G. Green, S. Saha, F. Wang, G.F. Gribakin, C.M. Surko
Abstract:Calculations of gamma spectra for positron annihilation for a selection of molecules, including methane and its fluoro-substitutes, ethane,...
Authors: Edward A.G. Armour
Abstract:There is currently great interest in the very large values of the positron annihilation rate that have been observed in low-energy positron...
Authors: Sylwia Lewicka, Jerzy Dryzek
Abstract:The recent interest in positrons distribution in the space revealed the anomalous presence of high energetic positrons. There are different...
Authors: Vsevolod Byakov, Leonid A. Kulikov, Yurii D. Perfil'ev, Sergey V. Stepanov
Abstract:A unified mechanism describing formation of Ps and Mu atoms in condensed matter, radiolytic hydrogen in water and products of Auger...
Authors: W. Anwand, A. Kanjilal, G. Brauer, A. Wagner, M. Butterling, T.E. Cowan, L. Rebohle, W. Skorupa
Abstract:Electroluminescence in SiO2 layers can be created by Ge implantation and a subsequent heat treatment, leading to the formation of Ge...
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