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Authors: So Noguchi, Seok Beom Kim
Abstract:We have investigated the stability of 2.0 GJ toroidal HTS-SMES, which consists of 90 element coils wound from YBCO tape. If one or more...
Authors: Janos Kósa
Abstract:In this work we present a solution for testing the quality of YBCO rings made from bulk and 100% YBCO wire loops. We used the transformation...
Authors: Tatiana Prikhna, Wolfgang Gawalek, Yaroslav Savchuk, Athanasios G. Mamalis, Vasiliy Tkach, Harold Weber, Tobias Habisreuther, Michael Eisterer, Fridrikh Karau, Michael Wendt, Nina Sergienko, Viktor Moshchil, Artem Kozyrev, Peter Nagorny, Christa Schmidt, Vladimir S. Melnikov, Jan Dellith, Doris Litzkendorf, Jacques G. Noudem, Xavier Chaud, Vladimir Sverdun, Andrey Shapovalov, Alexandra Starostina
Abstract:The critical current density, jc, of high-pressure synthesized MgB2-based balk materials correlates with the amount and distribution of...
Authors: Jacek Sosnowski
Abstract:New model of the capturing vortices in the HTc superconductors is presented, describing their electromagnetic properties, such as the...
Authors: Boris Chesca, Henk Jan Smilde, Hans Hilgenkamp
Abstract:The knowledge of the current-phase relation (CPR) in superconducting junctions is essential in many applications like low-dissipative...
Authors: Gino D'Ovidio, Francesco Crisi, Giovanni Lanzara
Abstract:This paper presents the design of a novel superconducting levitated module for UAQ4 train whose feasibility has been successfully tested and...
Authors: Masato Enokizono
Abstract:The national project of the development technology of next generation applied electromagnetic machinery was founded in Oita as Oita...
Authors: Kouji Hirukawa, Shoichiro Nagata, Masato Enokizono
Abstract:A new simple two-dimensional local magnetic property measurement system is presented. In this paper, we developed a new transducer whose two...
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