Applied Electromagnetic Engineering

Volume 670

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seiichi Sudo, Yuichi Kurosu, Daisaku Asano

Abstract: The surface responses of magnetic fluid adsorbed to a ferrite permanent magnet subject to vertical vibration were studied experimentally. It...

Authors: P. Curiac, D.H. Kang

Abstract: A study for the enhancement of effective magnetic flux of Permanent Magnet-Transversal Flux Machines using flux guiding is presented. By...

Authors: Y.W. Zhu, D.S. Kim, D.H. Kooa, Y.H. Cho

Abstract: This paper investigates an optimal design of a double-sided slotted iron core type permanent magnet linear synchronous motor (PMLSM) using...

Authors: Chang Chou Hwang, Hsing Cheng Chang, Ming Te Ho, Cheng Tsung Liu

Abstract: This paper deals with the design comparison of interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors with fractional-slot winding configurations for an...

Authors: Nikolaos M. Kimoulakis, Panagiotis E. Kakosimos, Antonios G. Kladas

Abstract: The paper presents the simulated time variation of the operational parameters of a Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (LPMSG). A...

Authors: Minos E. Beniakar, Themistoklis D. Kefalas, Antonios G. Kladas

Abstract: This paper investigates the impact of different operational temperatures on the performance of a surface permanent magnet (SPM) machine with...

Authors: Evangelos M. Tsampouris, Charalampos Patsios, Antonios Chaniotis, Antonios G. Kladas, John Prousalidis

Abstract: The pulsating torque of a permanent magnet motor has detrimental effects on the motor operation, resulting in speed perturbation,...

Authors: Kunihisa Tashiro, Akihito Matsuoka, Hiroyuki Wakiwaka

Abstract: This paper presents a novel approach for the design of square coil system, through considerations of a conventional square coil system. This...

Authors: Themistoklis D. Kefalas, George Loizos, Antonios G. Kladas

Abstract: Even though, the flux distribution at joints of stacked type transformer cores has been investigated thoroughly many issues remain unclear...

Authors: Teodor Leuca, Claudiu Mich-Vancea, Stefan Nagy

Abstract: The paper intends to present the numerical modelling of the electromagnetic phenomena coupled with the thermal ones when processing the...


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