Applied Electromagnetic Engineering

Volume 670

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kazuhisa Ishibashi, Zoran Andjelic, David Pusch

Abstract: It is studied how to analyze the magnetostatic problems by employing the boundary integral equations. There have been reported a lot of...

Authors: T. Arudchelvam, D. Rodger, S.R.H. Hoole

Abstract: An enhanced multi-grid method eliminating the error correction process of the conventional multi-grid method is presented for solving...

Authors: Y. Motooka, So Noguchi, H. Igarashi

Abstract: We have previously proposed an automatic hexahedral mesh generator. It is necessary to understand about the quality and characteristic of...

Authors: Takashi Todaka, Takeru Sato, Seiji Ishikawa, Yoshitaka Maeda, Masato Enokizono

Abstract: This paper presents comparison of feedback control algorisms of magnetic flux conditions in two-dimensional vector magnetic property...

Authors: Tomasz Chady, Ireneusz Spychalski, Takashi Todaka

Abstract: In certain applications (security, biomedical, food and wood testing etc.) it is necessary to detect and identify position of small metal...

Authors: Yoshihiro Nishimura, Sasamoto Akira, Takayuki Suzuki

Abstract: EMAT using a magnetostrictive effect was employed to detect flaws in the sample with scaled surface. Chromium molybdenum steel samples were...

Authors: S. Traxler, H. Pfützner, E. Kaniusas, K. Futschik

Abstract: Magneto-elastic bilayers (BLs), consisting of a magnetostrictive layer and a non-magnetic counter layer, show highest sensitivity with...

Authors: Takeo Ishikawa, Kouki Yonetake, Nobuyuki Kurita, Masahisa Tsuchiya

Abstract: This paper proposes a method to estimate the magnetization distribution in permanent magnet of a Brushless DC motor when the excitation...

Authors: Minoru Sasaki, Yusuke Onouchi, Hirohisa Tamagawa, Satoshi Ito

Abstract: Mathematical models predicting the behaviour of IMPCs (Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites ) were built and their validity was verified...

Authors: Jong Ho Kang, Hyun Kyo Jung

Abstract: The motor-spring and hydraulic actuators have long constituted as a mechanism for HGCB, regardless of the fatal disadvantages of the...


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