Applied Electromagnetic Engineering

Volume 670

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Eva Paraskevadaki, S. Papathanassiou, Georgios Vokas

Abstract: Photovoltaic system performance is influenced by a variety of factors such as irradiance, temperature, shading, degradation, mismatch...

Authors: Pavlos S. Georgilakis, Peter G. Vernados

Abstract: Electricity market activities and a growing demand for electricity have led to heavily stressed power systems. This requires operation of...

Authors: Emmanuel S. Karapidakis, Yiannis A. Katsigiannis, Pavlos S. Georgilakis, Emmanuel Thalassinakis

Abstract: In this paper the Crete’s Island power system, which is the largest isolated power system in Greece, is analyzed in two long term scenarios...

Authors: Horia Balan, Maria Buzdugan, I. Vadan, E. Simion, P. Karaissas

Abstract: This paper deals with DC – AC static converter systems, of very high voltages and currents, used for electricity power transmission. It has...

Authors: K. Passadis, George Loizos, Antonios G. Kladas

Abstract: Accurate estimation of no-load losses is crucial in the transformer design procedure. It saves engineering man-hours, reduces delivery cycle...

Authors: Yohji Okada, Hidetoshi Miyazawa, Ryou Kondo, Masato Enokizono

Abstract: New flux concentrated hybrid (HB) type radial and axial magnetic bearings are proposed in this paper. It is intended to use ferrite...

Authors: Mohachiro Oka, Tugunori Kanada, Takayuki Kai, Masato Enokizono

Abstract: In this paper, the iron loss of an actual stator core of the complex configuration was evaluated by using the proposed effective magnetic...

Authors: Nobuyuki Kurita, Takeo Ishikawa, Yohji Okada

Abstract: Lead batteries are used mainly for energy storage. However they are using chemicals and heavy materials, which will affect to environment...

Authors: Jian Li, Jung Tae Song, Yun Hyun Cho

Abstract: This paper describes thermal analysis of canned induction motor for coolant pump considering eddy current loss. The electromagnetic field of...

Authors: I. Hernández, J.M. Cañedo, J.C. Olivares-Galván, Pavlos S. Georgilakis

Abstract: This paper presents comparative results of an electromagnetic study performed in two different wound core transformer configurations in...


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