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Authors: Tsuyoshi Kajitani, Yuzuru Miyazaki, Kei Hayashi, Kunio Yubuta, X.Y. Huang, W. Koshibae
Abstract:Oxide thermoelectrics are relatively new materials that are workable at temperatures in the range of 400K≤T≤1200K. There are several types of...
Authors: G.J. Shyju, S. Dawn Dharma Roy, C. Sanjeeviraja
Abstract:Thin films have become important for basic studies in physics and in many other fields. The immense interest in basic properties of thin...
Authors: S. Nagarani, M. Jayachandran, C. Sanjeeviraja
Abstract:Thin films continue to become more and more integral to numerous applications in today's advancing technologies. In recent years, thin film...
Authors: L.C. Nehru, V. Swaminathan, M. Jayachandran, C. Sanjeeviraja
Abstract:A nanocrystalline tin oxide (SnO2) powders have been prepared by a simple, low-temperature initiated, self-propagating and gas producing by...
Authors: S. Saravanakumar, M. Jeya Priya, R. Saravanan
Abstract:Tin oxide material (SnO2) is synthesized in nano scale range and is characterized. The refined X-ray intensity data was obtained from the...
Authors: T.K. Thirumalaisamy, K.J Lakshmi Sri, R. Saravanan
Abstract:The electron density distribution and the local structure of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), chromium doped aluminum oxide (Cr:Al2O3) and vanadium...
Authors: M. Prema Rani, R. Saravanan
Abstract:Thermal conductivity of three different GaAs crystals, one grown by Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski technique and the other two samples grown...
Authors: A. Xavier, D. Usha, J. Gandhi Rajan, M. Malarvizhi
Abstract:Malachite Green is an organic compound that is used as a dyestuff for the materials like silk, leather and paper. As a part of removal of...
Authors: A. Xavier, R Sathya, J. Gandhi Rajan, R. Nagarathnam
Abstract:Many industries use dyes and pigments to colorize their products. Large amount different types of dyes enter in to the environment. These...
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