Researches in Powder Metallurgy

Volume 672

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Diana C. Cirstea, Mariana Lucaci, Doina Raducanu, Violeta Tsakiris

Abstract: The shape memory alloys are materials that can change their shape by applying thermomechanical treatments. In order to design SMA materials,...

Authors: Herbert Danninger, Maryam Jaliliziyaeian, Christian Gierl Mayer, Sven Bengtsson

Abstract: In this work the reduction during sintering of Mn and/or Cr prealloyed steels has been studied. In inert atmospheres, the reduction of...

Authors: C. Shang, I. Csaba Sinka, J. Pan

Abstract: Die compaction of powders is a process which involves filling a die with powder, compaction using rigid punches to form a dense compact and...

Authors: Ioana Csáki, Petru Moldovan, Gabriela Popescu

Abstract: This paper aims to present a way of obtaining aluminum based composite material obtained by powder metallurgy technique. We start mixing and...

Authors: Claudiu Nicolicescu, Mariana Ciobanu, Lucia Leonat

Abstract: The paper presents the experimental work regarding the elaboration of some nanocomposite powders with higher SiC content. For the research,...

Authors: Mariana Ciobanu, Claudiu Nicolicescu, Simona Bejan, Gabriel Batin, Ionel Mercioniu

Abstract: Replacing the graphite with carbides in the mixture with Fe powder may be an alternative technological process, by the fact that as carbides...

Authors: Marian Grigoraş, M. Lostun, Nicoleta Lupu, Horia Chiriac

Abstract: Nanocomposite NdFeB/αFe magnets were obtained by spark plasma sintering technique using high energy ball-milled Nd-Fe-B melt-spun ribbons...

Authors: Călin Rareş Roman, Lidia Adriana Sorcoi

Abstract: This paper presents a study concerning a new titanium-based product reached by the specific techniques of powder metallurgy. The product was...

Authors: Liviu Brânduşan

Abstract: For obtaining small parts with complex shape, for which a finishing operation cannot be applied easily, injection forming can be used. For a...

Authors: Gabriela Sima, Mihail Mangra, Oana Gîngu, Marius Catalin Criveanu, Bebe Adrian Olei

Abstract: The paper presents the experimental results regarding the influence of the reinforcing elements on the wear behavior of Al-matrix composites...


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