Researches in Powder Metallurgy

Volume 672

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wilhelm Kappel, Mirela Maria Codescu, Eugen Manta, Eros Alexandru Pătroi, Cristian Morari, Remus Erdei

Abstract: By an appropriate processing of the pyritic ashes (resulted as residue in the fabrication process of the sulphuric acid) can be valorised...

Authors: Ileana Nicoleta Popescu, Simona Zamfir, Dionezie Bojin, Mihai Brânzei, Dan Gheorghe, Lidia Adriana Sorcoi

Abstract: Al-Cu matrix composite materials with 5-20 wt. proportions of SiC hard particles and un-reinforced Al-Cu alloys obtained by powder...

Authors: Dana Salomie, Nicolae Jumate

Abstract: The objective of this study is to improve the sintering of W powder through increasing the density of the crystalline structure...

Authors: Mariana Ciobanu, Traian Popescu, Ionela Gabriela Bucse, Claudiu Nicolicescu, Iulian Ştefan

Abstract: In this paper are presented the experimental results about the elaboration using mechanical alloying of some Fe+Fe3C composites nanopowders...

Authors: Luisa N. Mîtcă, Mustafa Günay, Radu Liviu Orban, Ulvi Şeker

Abstract: In this study, the machinability of the Cu matrix composites reinforced with 5, 10, 15 and 20 vol.% of Al2O3 particulates produced by powder...

Authors: Adem Kurt, Mustafa Boz

Abstract: In this study, electrolyze unit, which is used for the production of metal powders, was designed and produced. The production of powder was...

Authors: Iulian Ştefan, Claudiu Nicolicescu, Marin Gavrila

Abstract: This paper presents a study about the influence of some alloying elements like Ni and Co on the elaboration of W-Cu electrical contacts. For...

Authors: Ciprian Axinte, Claudia Nadejde, Manuela Ursache, Anton Airinei, Aurelian Cirlescu, Mihaela Racuciu, Dorina Creangă

Abstract: The goal of this experimental study was to present a comparative analysis of iron oxides powders obtained by two alternative methods, i.e....

Authors: Aidan P. Breen, Barry Twomey, Greg Byrne, Denis P. Dowling

Abstract: The objective of this study is to investigate the use of microwave plasma treatments as a processing technology for the sintering of metal...

Authors: Róbert Bidulský, Marco Actis Grande, Zbigniew Brytan, Mario Rosso

Abstract: The main aim of the present contribution is to show how different heat treatment conditions influence the microstructure of a Fe - [1.5Cr -...


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