High Temperature Elastic Properties of Refractory Materials


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A pulse-echo technique, based on ultrasonic "long-bar" mode (LBM) velocity measurements, working up to 1700°C is described. Magnetostrictive transducers and ultrasonic lines used in a 40-350 kHz frequency range are detailed. The conditions of choice of fundamental parameters (frequency, line geometry, sample size) are discussed in relation with the nature and the microstructure of the materials under test. This technique can be used to study the variations of elastic moduli of materials at high temperature.



Edited by:

S. Itoh, J.J. Yoh and K. Hokamoto




M. G. Kakroudi and S. Khameneh Asl, "High Temperature Elastic Properties of Refractory Materials", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 673, pp. 59-64, 2011

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January 2011




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