Novel Materials, Coats and Nanoengineering

Volume 674

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marek Poręba, Waldemar Ziaja, Jan Sieniawski

Abstract: The thermo-chemical treatment routes for Renè77 superalloy were developed comprising low activity and high activity aluminizing by CVD...

Authors: M. Yavorska, Jan Sieniawski

Abstract: In the paper the aluminide layer was deposited by CVD method on the CMSX 4 single crystal nickel base alloy. The aluminizing process was...

Authors: Henryk Dybiec, Maciej Motyka

Abstract: Light weight nano/submicrocrystalline materials are promising group of constructional materials combining low density with high mechanical...

Authors: Jacek Borowski, Tomasz Rybak, Mikhail Ignatiev, Hanna Wiśniewska-Weinert, Igor Dobrovnik, Volf Leshchynsky

Abstract: Cold forging tools most often fail as a result of wearing down surface layer which works with forming part. Deposition of a hard coating on...

Authors: Marzanna Książek, Ilona H. Nejman, Paweł Pałka, R. Grzelka

Abstract: In the present work, the microstructure, phase composition and microhardness of Cr3C2-NiCr, WCCo, and powdered composite...

Authors: Joanna Karwan-Baczewska, Tomasz Dymkowski, Jerzy Robert Sobiecki, Jan T. Bonarski

Abstract: Various nitriding methods are applicable, viz.: gas nitriding, nitriding in powders and plasma nitriding which is one the latest nitriding...

Authors: Kinga Rodak, Jacek Pawlicki, Krzysztof Radwański, Rafal M. Molak

Abstract: In this study, commercial Cu was subjected to plastic deformation by compression with oscillatory torsion. Different deformation parameters...

Authors: Marzena Lech-Grega, Sonia Boczkal

Abstract: Iron phases present in alloys from the 6xxx series affect the workability behaviour of these alloys. Iron in these alloys occurs in the form...

Authors: Tomasz Tokarski

Abstract: The present paper is aimed at investigations of mechanical properties and structure of technical purity aluminum powders prepared by plastic...

Authors: Andrzej Miklaszewski, Mieczyslaw Jurczyk

Abstract: Good mechanical properties with combination of biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance make titanium and its alloys desirable...


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