Novel Materials, Coats and Nanoengineering

Volume 674

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Karolina Jurczyk, Katarzyna Niespodziana, M.U. Jurczyk, Mieczyslaw Jurczyk

Abstract: Ti and Ti-based alloys are preferred materials in the production of implants in both medical and dental applications. One of the methods...

Authors: Maciej Tulinski, Mieczyslaw Jurczyk

Abstract: In this work Ni-free austenitic stainless steels with nanostructure and their nanocomposites were synthesized by mechanical alloying (MA),...

Authors: Anna Kula, Ludwik Blaz, Makoto Sugamata

Abstract: Rapid solidification (RS) combined with following mechanical consolidation of RS powders is considered as a valuable commercial method for...

Authors: Katarzyna Bałdys, Grzegorz Dercz, Łukasz Madej

Abstract: The ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (FSMA) are relatively the brand new smart materials group. The most interesting issue connected with...

Authors: Wojciech Głuchowski, Jerzy Stobrawa, Zbigniew Rdzawski, Witold Malec

Abstract: A growing trend to use new copper-based functional materials is observed recently world-wide. Within this group of materials particular...

Authors: A. Burya, O. Kuznetsova, A. Konchits, A. Redchuk

Abstract: The work examines the structure and properties of nanocomposites based on phenilon C- 2 filled with nanostructured carbon. The influence of...

Authors: A.Y. Goikhman, S.A. Sheludyakov, E. A. Bogdanov

Abstract: The Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) technique is not very widespread, but simple and very powerful methodic of thin film preparation, allowing to...

Authors: Ho Sik Jeon, Seung Hyun Cho, Yang Wook Heo, Byung Seong Bae

Abstract: Resistance of metal depends on temperature. Therefore, the metal can be used as a temperature sensor with a reference resistor. The...

Authors: Evagelia G. Moshopoulou, Olivier Isnard, Marija Milanovic, Vladimir V. Srdic

Abstract: The evolution of the magnetism as a function of the particle size is reported here for the ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles. A combination of neutron...

Authors: Hisaaki Tobushi, K. Kitamura, Yukiharu Yoshimi, K. Miyamoto, K. Mitsui

Abstract: In order to develop a brain spatula or a brain retractor made of a shape memory alloy (SMA), the bending characteristics of the brain...


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