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Authors: Denis Bouscaud, Raphaël Pesci, Sophie Berveiller, Etienne Patoor
Abstract:A Kossel microdiffraction experimental set up is under development inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in order to determine the...
Authors: Balder Ortner
Abstract:This article gives an overview of different methods for data treatment in x-ray stress measurement, and how these methods should be replaced...
Authors: Kenneth R. Beyerlein, Matteo Leoni, Robert L. Snyder, Paolo Scardi
Abstract:Patterns calculated by applying the Debye function to faulted spherical nanoparticles are used to test the accuracy of modern Line Profile...
Authors: Bob B. He
Abstract:Two-dimensional x-ray diffraction is an ideal method for examining the residual stress and texture. The most dramatic development in...
Authors: Julie Villanova, Olivier Sicardy, Roland Fortunier, Jean Sebastien Micha, Pierre Bleuet
Abstract:Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is a high-performance electrochemical device for energy conversion. Usually, the electrolyte is made of dense...
Authors: Marc Seefeldt, Steven Dillien, Uwe Stuhr
Abstract:The load transfer among ferrite orientations and between ferrite and martensite was analysed in DP 600 steel by means of neutron diffraction...
Authors: Arne Kromm, Thomas Kannengiesser, Jens Altenkirch, Jens Gibmeier
Abstract:Low Transformation Temperature (LTT) alloys were developed in order to control the residual stress development by the martensitic phase...
Authors: René V. Martins, John A. Francis
Abstract:Two autogenously edge welded beams made from SA508 ferritic steel were investigated with the purpose of validating residual stress modelling...
Authors: D.M. Goudar, Mark Turski, Suzanne Clitheroe, Ed J. Kingston, Chris Gill, Philip J. Withers, David John Smith
Abstract:This paper examines the extent to which mechanical shot peening (MSP), ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) and laser shock peening (LSP) can...
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