Stress Analysis in UMo-Al Fuel Using X-Ray Diffraction


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UMo-Al specimens are analyzed using X-ray diffraction techniques. One specimen was partially irradiated using a heavy ion beam 127I. Another specimen was thermally annealed 2h at 400°C. Those treatments result in the formation of an interaction layer between UMo particles and Al matrix. UMo, Al and UAl3 phases are identified in the treated specimen using X-ray diffraction. Only aluminium phase exhibits a crystallographic fiber texture, the other phases having an isotropic crystallographic texture. X-ray stress analyses are performed. After irradiation, stress analyses show that UMo phase is in a compressive stress state whereas the stress level in the formed UAl3 in the interaction layer is not that high.



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Paolo Scardi and Cristy L. Azanza Ricardo






R. Kubler et al., "Stress Analysis in UMo-Al Fuel Using X-Ray Diffraction", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 681, pp. 420-425, 2011

Online since:

March 2011




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