Residual Stresses VIII

Volume 681

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Majid Farajian, Thomas Nitschke-Pagel, Klaus Dilger

Abstract: Residual stress relaxation of butt-welded small scale steel specimens under static and cyclic mechanical loading was investigated. The...

Authors: Jonathan Mullins, Jens Gunnars

Abstract: Residual stresses predicted from welding simulations are known to be sensitive to the choice of material model. Recent work has shown large...

Authors: Eduardo Rodríguez, Cristina Martín, José Luis Cortizo, Julio Guirao, José Manuel Sierra

Abstract: In this paper a comparison between the results obtained using multi pass welding finite element (FE) simulation and the contour method was...

Authors: Steve K. Bate, Ian Symington, John Sharples, Richard Charles, Adam Toft, Peter James, Paul Hurrell, Mark Jackson

Abstract: A long-term UK research programme on environmentally assisted cracking (EAC), residual stresses [1, 2] and fracture mechanics [3, 4] was...

Authors: A.M.Akbari Pazooki, M.J.M. Hermans, I.M. Richardson

Abstract: Dual phase steel consists of martensite embedded in a ferrite matrix. The material experiences high heating and cooling rates during...

Authors: Christoph Heinze, Arne Kromm, Christopher Schwenk, Thomas Kannengiesser, Michael Rethmeier

Abstract: The development of high-strength structural steels with yield strengths up to 1000 MPa results in the requirement of suitable filler...

Authors: Benoit Panicaud, Ludovic Cauvin, Lea le Joncour, Andrzej Baczmanski, Khemais Saanouni, Manuel François

Abstract: Ductile damage is a consequence of large strains more or less localized. Taking into account damage in constitutive behaviour of metallic...

Authors: Sylvain Fréour, Emmanuel Lacoste, Manuel François, Ronald Guillén

Abstract: The scope of this work is the determination of single-crystals elastic constants (SEC) from X-ray diffraction lattice strains measurements...

Authors: Anita Gaj, Lea le Joncour, Andrzej Baczmanski, Sebastian Wroński, Benoit Panicaud, Manuel François, Chedly Braham, Anna Maria Paradowska

Abstract: Time of flight neutron diffraction method was applied to measure elastic lattice strains in austenitic steel during "in situ" tensile test....

Authors: Nishida Masayuki, Hanabusa Takao, Matsue Tatsuya, Hiroshi Suzuki

Abstract: Internal stresses in aluminum casting alloy were measured by the neutron stress measurement method with the apparatus RESA in the Japan...


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