Residual Stresses VIII

Volume 681

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Valentin Richter-Trummer, Pedro Miguel Guimarães Pires Moreira, João Ribeiro, Paulo Manuel Salgado Tavares de Castro

Abstract: Residual stresses parallel to the welding direction on a cross-section of a 3 mm thick friction stir butt-welded aluminum alloy AA6082-T6...

Authors: Alix Bonaventur, Danièle Ayrault, Guillaume Montay, Vincent Klosek

Abstract: Dissimilar metal joints between pipes of ferritic and austenitic steels are present in primary coolant circuit of pressurized water...

Authors: Roman Šturm, Janez Grum

Abstract: The present paper deals with residual stress and strain changes in thin flat specimens of nodular cast iron during laser remelting process....

Authors: Thomas Nitschke-Pagel, Klaus Dilger, Hamdollah Eslami-Chalandar

Abstract: The micromagnetic measurement method is a fast and easy to handle alternative for the determination of residual stresses in steel welds. The...

Authors: Fabien Lefebvre, J.M. Le Roux, C. Charles, H. Pillière, E. Berthier, C. Fontugne

Abstract: In the last years, a new residual stress analysis system by X-ray diffractions has been developed by CETIM and INEL companies. This system...

Authors: Takayoshi Ito, Stefanus Harjo, Kozo Osamura, Tsutomu Hemmi, Satoshi Awaji, Shuichiro Machiya, Hidetoshi Oguro, Gen Nishijima, Kohki Takahashi, Kunihiro Matsui, Yoshinori Tsuchiya, Hiroshi Arima, Kazuya Aizawa, Norikiyo Koizumi, Tatsushi Nakamoto, Toru Ogitsu

Abstract: Researches to study internal stress/strain behaviors in industrial superconducting composites have been started at TAKUMI of J-PARC, as soon...

Authors: Fabien Lefebvre, M. Francois, J. Cacot, C. Hemery, P. Le-Bec, E. Baumhauer, Denis Bouscaud, T. Bergey, D. Blaize, D. Gloaguen, Jean Lu Lebrun, A. Cosson, Regis Kubler, Y. Cheynet, E. Daniel, H. Michaud, J.C. Monvoisin, P. Blanchet, P. Allain, Y Mrini, Jean Michel Sprauel, Philippe Goudeau, P. Barbarin, C. Charles, J.M. Le Roux, Wilfrid Seiler, C. Fischer, L. Desmas, A. Ouakka, M.J. Moya, Y. Bordiec

Abstract: The GFAC (French Association for residual stress analysis) decided in 2007 to work on external reference samples for residual stress...

Authors: Roman Wawszczak, Andrzej Baczmanski, Chedly Braham, Wilfrid Seiler, Mirosław Wróbel, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski

Abstract: X-ray diffraction method was applied to measure residual stresses in deformed and annealed polycrystalline austenitic steel. An...

Authors: Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Carpinteri, Sabrina Vantadori

Abstract: The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the effect of residual stresses, due to cold-drawing process, on the fatigue crack propagation...

Authors: Ivan Meneghin, Goran Ivetic, Enrico Troiani

Abstract: The application of adhesively bonded straps made of high-static strength materials on aeronautical stiffened panels to retard the fatigue...


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