Residual Stresses VIII

Volume 681

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Maria José Marques, António Castanhola Batista, Joana Rebelo-Kornmeier, Michael Hofmann, Joao P. Nobre, Altino Loureiro

Abstract: The influence of the heat treatment on the residual stress fields of weld cladded samples is discussed in this paper. The samples were...

Authors: Sebastien Jegou, Laurent Barrallier, Regis Kubler

Abstract: Nitriding is a well-established thermochemical surface treatment of carbon micro-alloyed steels aiming enhancing surface properties such as...

Authors: S. Van Wijk, Manuel François, E. Sura, M. Frabolot

Abstract: Carbonitriding followed by shot peening is an important industrial process to improve the mechanical properties of components, especially by...

Authors: Masashi Kitamura, Nishida Masayuki, Hanabusa Takao

Abstract: In this study, the residual stresses in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) were measured using an x-ray stress measurement technique. There...

Authors: Andrey Benediktovich, Ilya Feranchuk, Alex Ulyanenkov

Abstract: In the presence of texture, the concept of X-ray elastic constants as well as Sin2ψ law is inapplicable and the X-ray stress...

Authors: Marianna Marciszko, Andrzej Baczmanski, Nacer Zazi, Jean Paul Chopart, Alain Lodini, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski

Abstract: Grazing incidence geometry, called MGID-sin2y, was applied to measure surface stresses in very thin layers (depth...

Authors: Joana Rebelo-Kornmeier, Jens Gibmeier, Michael Hofmann, Robert C. Wimpory

Abstract: For non destructive stress analysis of surface treated steel samples the application of laboratory X rays or high energy synchrotron...

Authors: Marcin Wronski, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Andrzej Baczmanski, Paul Lipiński, Brigitte Bacroix, Wilfrid Seiler, Alain Lodini

Abstract: Formation of residual stresses and crystallographic textures during rolling have been studied using elasto-plastic deformation for...

Authors: Tillman Fuß, Robert C. Wimpory, M. Klaus, C. Genzel

Abstract: Residual stress depth profiling can be performed by means of non-destructive diffraction methods as well as semi destructive mechanical...

Authors: Thorsten Manns, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: A Matlab based computer program was developed which gives the possibility to calculate the diffraction elastic constants (DEC) of...


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