Residual Stresses VIII

Volume 681

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Regis Kubler, Laurent Barrallier, Christophe Valot, Hervé Palancher, Olivier Boquet

Abstract: UMo-Al specimens are analyzed using X-ray diffraction techniques. One specimen was partially irradiated using a heavy ion beam...

Authors: Baek Seok Seong, Vyacheslav T. Em, Pavol Mikula, Jan Šaroun, Mi Hyun Kang

Abstract: In this paper properties of the dedicated neutron strain/stress diffractometer installed at the beam port ST-1 of HANARO reactor in KAERI...

Authors: Vincent Savaria, Majid Hoseini, Florent Bridier, Philippe Bocher, Patrick Arkinson

Abstract: It is well known that induction surface heating followed by rapid quenching generally increases the fatigue life of steel components...

Authors: Jens Gibmeier, Petra Maier, Claudia Fleck

Abstract: The highly alloyed wrought Mg-base alloy LAE442 is characterized by a relatively high creep resistance due to secondary phases which are...

Authors: Stefanus Harjo, Takayoshi Ito, Kazuya Aizawa, Hiroshi Arima, Jun Abe, Atsushi Moriai, Takaaki Iwahashi, Takashi Kamiyama

Abstract: The Engineering Materials Diffractometer “TAKUMI” is designed and has been constructed at Materials & Life Science Facility (MLF) of...

Authors: Walid Fekih Ahmed, Herve Bonnefoy, Alexandra Levesque, Samuel Crequy, Alain Lodini

Abstract: Hot forging tools are exposed to severe thermo-mechanical load which cause their failure. The main failure mechanisms are mechanical...

Authors: Harri Lille, Jakub Kõo, Andre Gregor, Alexander Ryabchikov, Fjodor Sergejev, Rainer Traksmaa, Priit Kulu

Abstract: Physical Vapour Deposition and PVD coatings are designed for several applications, from industrial to biomedical. Residual stresses, arising...

Authors: Giovanni Berti, Francesco De Marco, S. Aldrighetti

Abstract: The early stage diagnoses of material lattices is becoming a crucial requirement where investigation methods and technologies are faced...

Authors: Zoran Bergant, Janez Grum

Abstract: In this paper, the residual stresses on flat specimens, made from 12-nickel precipitation hardening maraging hot-working tool steel coated...

Authors: Ru Lin Peng, Xiao Peng Liu, Yan Dong Wang, Shu Yan Zhang, Yong Feng Shen, Sten Johansson

Abstract: In-situ neutron diffraction experiments under tensile loading were carried out to study the micromechanical behaviour of two iron-manganese...


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