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Authors: Jin Song Chen, Yin Hui Huang, Bin Qiao, Jian Ming Yang, Yi Qiang He
Abstract:The system components and the theory of jet electrodeposition orientated by rapid prototyping (RP) are introduced.The nanocrystalline copper...
Authors: Jie He, Shu Chen, Jiu Zhou Zhao
Abstract:The solidification characteristics of the immiscible alloys exhibit a unique opportunity in designing composites with spherical crystalline...
Authors: Shi Feng Liu, Ga Liu, Bo Jian Wang, C.H. Ren, Xiao Li Shi
Abstract:The effects of spheroidizing annealing process on SWRH72B heavily cold drawn pearlite steel wires were studied and the mechanisms of...
Authors: Cai Ju Li, Xin Kun Zhu, Jing Mei Tao, H.L. Tang, T.L. Chen
Abstract:The preparation, mechanical properties, grain size and thermal property of bulk nanocrystalline Cu (BNC-Cu) were investigated in this paper....
Authors: Xiao Ming Feng, Tao Tao Ai
Abstract:Equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) is used to convert coarse grain into ultrafine grain (UFG). The characteristics of ECAP and the...
Authors: Qing Wei Jiang, Lin Xiao, Xiao Wu Li
Abstract:The temperature-dependent deformation and damage behaviors of ultrafine-grained (UFG) Cu and Ti produced by equal channel angular pressing...
Authors: Bin Chen, Chen Lu, Dong Liang Lin, Xiao Qin Zeng
Abstract:The Mg96Y3Zn1 alloy processed by equal channel angular pressing has been investigated. It was found that the Mg96Y3Zn1 alloy processed by...
Authors: Nan Chun Chen, Wei Wang, Ai Ping Deng, Han Mei Ao, Quan Hong Li
Abstract:Mullite nanocomposite was synthesized using kaolin with different Si/Al molar ratios in the range of 1.1- 4.31. The synthesized samples were...
Authors: Yi Ding, Jian Hua Jiang, Ai Dang Shan
Abstract:Microstructures and properties of ultrafine grained (UFG) iron by different rolling processing are investigated. By applying the asymmetric...
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