The Effect of Grain Boundary State on Deformation Process Development in Nanostructured Metals Produced by the Methods of Severe Plastic Deformation


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In this review the investigations of deformation process development are discussed which were carried out by tension and creep in the temperature range Т<0.4Tm (here Тm is the absolute melting point of material) for nanostructured metals produced by the methods of severe plastic deformation. The contribution of grain boundary sliding to the total deformation in the above temperature interval is also considered. An analysis is made of the effect of grain size and grain boundary state on the evolution of grain boundary sliding and cooperative grain boundary sliding in nanostructured metals.



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Yonghao Zhao




E. V. Naydenkin et al., "The Effect of Grain Boundary State on Deformation Process Development in Nanostructured Metals Produced by the Methods of Severe Plastic Deformation", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 683, pp. 69-79, 2011

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May 2011




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