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Authors: Peter Entel, Antje Dannenberg, Mario Siewert, Heike C. Herper, Markus E. Gruner, Vasiliy D. Buchelnikov, Volodymyr A. Chernenko
Abstract:The structural and magnetic order are the decisive elements which vastly determine the properties of smart ternary intermetallics such as...
Authors: Victor A. L'vov, Volodymyr A. Chernenko
Abstract:The analytic survey of experimental and theoretical studies of the magnetic anisotropy of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (FSMAs) is...
Authors: Eduard Cesari, Daniel Salas, Sergey Kustov
Abstract:Several features of the entropy change S related to the martensitic transformation (MT) in metamagnetic alloys are discussed. In these...
Authors: Takashi Fukuda, Tomoyuki Terai, Hidefumi Maeda, Tomoyuki Kakeshita
Abstract:The ferromagnetic shape memory alloy Ni2MnGa exhibits a successive martensitic transformation from the L21-type structure to the so-called...
Authors: José M. Barandiarán, Jon Gutiérrez, Patricia Lázpita, J. Feuchtwanger
Abstract:The characteristics of neutron diffraction applied to the study of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys are revised. Main studies refer to...
Authors: Vicente Sánchez-Alarcos, José Ignacio Pérez-Landazábal, Vicente Recarte
Abstract:This chapter presents a review of the most recent and systematic works performed on the study of the effect of atomic order on the structural...
Authors: Lara Righi, Franca Albertini, Simone Fabbrici, Antonio Paoluzi
Abstract:Multifunctional ferromagnetic shape memory Heusler alloys are frequently characterized by structural modulation in martensitic phases. In...
Authors: Y. Murakami, Ryosuke Kainuma, Daisuke Shindo, Akira Tonomura
Abstract:We performed magnetic imaging of Ni-based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys. The magnetic microstructure was revealed by Lorentz microscopy...
Authors: Martin Pötschke, Stefan Roth, Uwe Gaitzsch, Claudia Hürrich, Andrea Böhm, Ludwig Schultz
Abstract:Textured polycrystalline Ni-Mn-Ga alloys were prepared by directional solidification. Alloys were chosen to have the 5M modulated martensitic...
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