Energy, Environment and Biological Materials

Volume 685

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Li, Xian Zheng Gong, Su Ping Cui, Zhi Hong Wang, Yan Zheng, Bi Chuan Chi

Abstract: With increasing concerns about global warming, and the cement plants emitting huge CO2, it is necessary to know how the...

Authors: Jing Wang, Jian Li, Shu Jun Li

Abstract: China-fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) has a reputation for producing naturally durable heartwood. This species is native in China and has been...

Authors: Matsunori Nara

Abstract: Criteria for evaluation for eco-material and the case study in Japan. An environmental performance of the material is described clearly from...

Authors: Zeng Zhi Zhang, Shuang Zhou, Bo Tao Wang

Abstract: A new adsorption material technology and its adsorption mechanism were studied in this paper. Anthracite and lignite were taken as raw...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhu, Qi Lei Guo, Dong Xu Li, Cun Jun Li

Abstract: The Present Research Investigates the Compressive and Durable Properties of Concretes with Fly Ash (FA), a by-Product of Coal-Fired Power...

Authors: Ying Pin Huang, Chia Wen Peng, Yi Han Huang, Ting Ru Tsai, Wei Ru Kuo, Hen Chien Lin

Abstract: Mikania mirantha is a pernicious world-class weed with extremely high threats to the native flora, and ranks no. 1 on the invasive alien...

Authors: Bo Xue Sun, Xian Zheng Gong, Yu Liu, Wen Juan Chen, Zhi Hong Wang

Abstract: With the increasing seriousness of climate change problem, carbon footprint has become a very useful method to measure carbon emissions and...

Authors: Zeng Zhi Zhang, Bo Tao Wang, Shuang Zhou

Abstract: Clay-based water-transmitting materials were proposed in order to solve the problems of dry soil layer and watering during forest planting...

Authors: Jun Tao Chen, Yue Xin Han, Shu Fang Ding, Shui Lin Zheng

Abstract: Acid leaching residue of asbestos tailings was calcined at 600°C. N2 adsorption and desorption isotherms of this modified mineral...

Authors: Zeng Zhi Zhang, Hong Mei Du

Abstract: A kind of dynamic water-release composite coated fiber used for water saving afforestation in desertification area is prepared. The coat is...


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