Energy, Environment and Biological Materials

Volume 685

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Liang, Hao Ding, Yong Teng Hu, Bai Kun Wang

Abstract: The reaction mechanism between Zn2+ and diatomite in preparation of Zn2+/diatomite antibacterial agent by diatomite...

Authors: Zeng Zhi Zhang, Hong Mei Xu, Na Gu

Abstract: A kind of water-based material which can absorb mine gas and suppress gas explosion was designed for the purpose of keeping the coal mine...

Authors: Jin Zhao, Ping Ye Deng, Shun Cong Chen

Abstract: This paper presents a kind of water-saving material of the fly ash composite growth substrate in order to solve the problem of the lawns...

Authors: Osamu Umezawa, Satoshi Morooka

Abstract: The very localized deformation processes have been found to be decisive for subsurface fatigue crack generation at the lower stress level...

Authors: Zhi Jun Chen, Shu Jun Li, Bing Tian, Tao Liang, Yan Jin

Abstract: Rosin is reputed as green petroleum because it is renewable, not expensive, and environmental friendly. China is rich in rosin resources. In...

Authors: Yan Jin, Shu Jun Li, Tao Liang, Zhi Jun Chen

Abstract: Many pine trees could secrete oleo-resin when they were wounded. The oleo-resin was a mixture of turpentine and rosin. After evaporation of...

Authors: Yue Lin Zhu, Zeng Hua Chang, Juan Pang, Chang Jian Xiong

Abstract: Zeolite 4A was synthesized by fusion method using kaolin and bauxite as raw materials. It comprised alkaline fusion followed by hydrothermal...

Authors: Xue Zhen Wang, Jie Xiang, Zhi Zeng, Xing Hao Hu, Xue Ling Hou, Hui Xu

Abstract: The structural and magnetic property of Gd5Si1.99Ge2Zn0.01and...

Authors: Zhi Zeng, Xue Zhen Wang, Jian Huang, Jie Xiang, Xue Ling Hou

Abstract: Gd5Si2Ge2-based alloys can exhibit a giant magnetocaloric effect (GMCE) which gives them the potential use...

Authors: Yue Lin Zhu, Zhe Yi Meng, Zeng Hua Chang, Chang Jian Xiong

Abstract: Alcohols ranging from C2 to C8 are added to RP-3 jet kerosene to alleviate the pollution when fuel burns. Such mixed fuels are tested in...


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